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Sunday, 1 April 2012

Harry Crews

"I had possessions once. I mean, I had them up around my fucking neck. I thought and felt that I was not in control, that they owned me. After all, if you have a house and a car and nine jillion pieces of furniture, you're not mobile. You're not anything. You're stuck. Some people will say it's a great way to be stuck, and maybe it is for them, but the notion of having a bunch of shit that I have to stay around and take care of doesn't wear well with me."
the late great Harry Crews.
yes, i am one of those assholes who quotes the artist after death.
fact: Harry Crews is why i adventured anywhere in my life, how it was so easy for me to pickup and leave my "life" so many times, how and why i owned the ability to be a woman and a person of power (it wasn't a woman who taught me this, although I know many women and men who i attribute the good and bad decisions I've made in my life). it was an older redneck man, who wrote pure and driven kinky smut in a way that i couldn't stop reading, that always left me wanting more. causing me to explore sexuality, sensuality, fulfillment- not just in sexually, but with life itself. he's the reason why i never settled, never stuck around longer, when i stopped getting what i needed. he was someone i never shared with anyone, his books were all so personal to me, like he had written them for me, and no one else. i held the man in such high respect and regard. and now i will only be able to re-read his writing with a longing that will never end, knowing i missed my boat to meet him.
r.i.p. you wonderful sexy man.

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